My photography specialty is online dating photos. I love helping individuals look their best, build confidence, take better photos, get more dates and ultimately find that special someone. As a regular contributor to The Good Men Project and PlentyofFish and Meddle, my approach to online dating photos goes beyond just taking photos - it entails a holistic strategy including: Wardrobe Tip, Dating App Recommendations, Review of Existing Photos, Written Section, Tips for Taking Better Photos on your own, and Offline Strategy. I am not a pickup artist. I am not a portrait photographer. I am someone who will help present you in a flattering light, help complement the photos I take with bio recommendations as well as offline approaches. 


I build a custom photo shoot package that optimizes your hobbies, essence and style so that the photos come out looking natural, confident, happy, playful, authentic and candid - just like if your friend or family member took them. I shoot outdoors and indoor public places with natural light. The last thing you want are photos that are staged, overly photo-shopped, stiff and obvious that you paid someone to take your photos. A forced or overly retouched photo taken by a professional is just as bad as an amateur blurry or poorly lit photo. A photo-shoot might involve a bar, beer garden, hiking trail, park, coffee shop, street art murals, an event or more. I know where to go, when to shoot and what will inspire people to check out your profile and spark up conversation starters. Photos will be available in 3 days unless otherwise specified.


I do not post online dating photos online; your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I work with executives, high profile individuals, those new to dating as as well as shy individuals. Think you are not photogenic? Let's talk. 


I primarily work with referrals, but I do occasionally work with others. If you are recently single, have changed your appearance, do not have any recent photos or are looking for help with online dating, contact me and I will review your request. I prioritize working with genuine, sincere individuals - those I would to introduce to friends, family and colleagues. My goal is to help improve the societal dating pool one person at a time. There can be upward of a 2-8 week waiting period or more for scheduling a photoshoot, but I do occasionally have a last minute openings during the week. 


I accept Square Cash, Venmo, Personal Check and Cash.


Q: I need a makeover or at least help with clothing, do you help with that? 
A: I am not a personal shopper or stylist but I will help you decide between outfits for a shoot. Check out these Pinterest boards for inspiration on clothing, patterns and colors. (You should wear outfits that you are confident it, would wear normally either everyday or for a special occasion. Layering is good and focusing on the top half of the outfit is more important than the bottom half).
​Men: | Women:

Q: I am a bit shy, how do you conduct your photoshoots in public?
A: I am one of the most resourceful, knowledgeable and discreet photographers around. I carefully select areas to accommodate not only schedules but also maintain comfort levels around clients. Half the time you will not know I am taking photos and if you are super shy, I have methods to be unassuming. I am not like other photographers that use bright flashes, big stands with umbrellas or makes people hold unnatural poses for long periods of time. I have studied other photographers and developed and refined my approach to avoid all the awkward and invasive tactics others use. 

Q: Do you have examples of online dating photos?
A: No, I do not. Privacy is super important to me. Secondly, you can view my other photos (headshots, events, etc.) to get a sense of my composition, technique and style. You should not allow any photographer to use your online dating photos or any other personal photos online for their portfolio especially since people can conduct image searches on you with a click of the button.

Q: Where do you primarily shoot photos?
​A: I primarily shoot in the Embarcadero, Financial District, Hayes Valley, Haight-Ashbury, Marina, Presidio, Mission District, Pacific Heights, South Beach, Jackson Square, Union Square, Design Center (San Francisco), Tiburon, Mill Valley, Downtown Oakland, Uptown Oakland, Jack London Square neighborhoods

Q: Should I use makeup? How much makeup should be applied?
A: If you never wear makeup nor plan to, then don't start for the purposes of the photos. Less is more. Don't overdo it with the makeup. People applying makeup for the first time are a bit more uncomfortable and unea
sy in their new look. Focus on being confident and relaxed. Overly applying makeup will make it harder to create different looks in your photos because they will look the same vs being more subtle makes it easier to be more versatile.

For help with dating app questions (i.e. how to select photos, which apps to use, when/how to messages matches etc.) check out my Frequently Asked Questions page.