Natural, Candid Online Dating Photos 

My photography specialty is online dating photos. There is nothing more that I love than helping individuals build look their best, build confidence, take better photos, get more dates and ultimately find that special someone. As a regular contributor to The Good Men Project and PlentyofFish, my approach to online dating photos goes beyond just taking photos - it entails a holistic strategy including:

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When you book with me, I build a custom photo shoot package that optimizes your hobbies, essence and style so that the photos come out looking natural, confident, happy, playful, authentic and candid - just like if your friends or family member took them. I shoot exclusively outdoors and indoor public places with natural light. The last thing you want are photos that are staged, overly photo-shopped, awkward, stiff and obvious that you paid someone to take your photos. A forced or overly retouched photo taken by a professional is just as bad as an amateur blurry or poorly lit photo. A photo-shoot might involve a bar, beer garden, hiking trail, park, coffee shop, street art murals, an event or more. I know where to go, when to shoot and what will inspire people to check out your profile and spark up conversation starters. Unlike other photographers I do not charge extra for outfit changes or number of locations. 


I do not post online dating photos of clients online; your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I work with executives, high profile individuals, those new to dating as as well as shy individuals. Think you are not photogenic? Let's talk. 


I primarily work with referrals, but I do occasionally work with others. If you are recently single, have changed your appearance, do not have any recent photos or are looking for help with online dating, contact me and I will review your request. I prioritize working with genuine, sincere individuals - those I would to introduce to friends, family and colleagues. My goal is to help improve the societal dating pool one person at a time. Please note there can be upward of a 4-8 week waiting period for scheduling a photoshoot currently but I do occasionally have a last minute openings.


Check out additional some tips on online dating photos on Medium or Good Men Project.


I acccept Paypal, Square Cash, Venmo and Cash.

Q: Can I use my Linkedin headshot?
A: No, I highly urge against that. Typically headshots are overly photoshopped, are stiff and do not offer any insight into who you are or what you are about. Leave the headshots for professional situations not online dating.

Q: Are photos with sunglasses on ok in photos?
A: Generally no, but if if you limit such photos to 1 only, ensure they are location appropriate i.e. beach, hiking trail etc., AND you have at least 3-4 other non-sunglass photos then you can let that slide.

​Q: Are group photos ok to use?

​A: Yes, but again only if you limit these types of photos, you label who you are and who else is in the photo or hide their identities (no one likes playing guessing games), and make sure others in the photos do not make you look short (especially for men) or make you look less attractive (men and women).

Q: How many apps should I use at one? 

A: No more than two at a time. I generally recommend one matching / searching focus app i.e. Bumble, CoffeeMeetsBagel, OkCupid and one swiping app i.e. Tinder if you are on the younger side i.e. under 30.

Q: What are the absolute worst types of photos to use in an online dating site or app?

A: Photos with exes or people who could be mistaken as an ex, selfies unless in an epic situation i.e. celebrity or travels (not your gym, car or bathroom), dark photos, extremely small photos, blurry photos, photos more than 2-3 years old, photos where you have changed your appearance (weight loss or gain, hair color or length, facial hair, tatoos etc.), photos with fish you caught, photos in front of your car, photos without you in them (i.e. sunset photo, street sign, meme etc.), snapchat photos and photos of you from your neck down.

Q: How many photos should I use in my online dating profile?
A: Definitely at least 3-4 photos but no more than 6. Typically, the more photos you post the more harshly you will be judged i.e. you are only as good looking as your worst photo.

Q: What kind of photos should I aim to use for online dating?

A: Use photos that illustrate passions and hobbies, highlight some activity that can be easily be shared with a future date, photos of you smiling, photos that are not overly photoshopped i.e. portraits, modeling photos and headshots.

Q: I feel and/or look younger than my age - is it ok to use shave off a few years?

A: Absolutely not. Being truthful is important in online dating. If you lie about age right off the bat, what else might you be lying about? If you are having trouble attracting someone younger or closer to your age, perhaps you should refine your age preferences or use another app where you are not bombarded.

Q: When is the best time to go online? How often should I be swiping?

A: Typically around 6pm and 9pm during the week (Monday-Thursday). Although addictive, you should limit logging on to about 2-3 times a week. 

Q: Is there such a thing as over-swiping? 
A: Yes, there is. First off, it is bad ettiquette to swipe right on someone you are not interested in, secondly if you do it too often the dating apps could ding you which could affect your matches. If you are on the fence, that is ok but if you are swiping right on everyone with a pulse, re-think your strategy.

Q: What should I wear to the photo shoot?

A: You should wear outfits that you are confident it, would wear normally either everyday or for a special occasion. Be sure to represent yourself because if you don't it will show when you meet up for a date. Basically, you should treat a photoshoot with me like a date. Layering is good and focusing on the top half of the outfit is more important than the bottom half.

Q: What is hatfishing?

A: It is when a guy purposefully wears hats in his online dating photos and/or dates to conceal baldness. Guys should embrace their new look or research hair growth alternatives because 1) women do not want to play a guessing game (too many other men out there to swipe right on; 2) could be a sign for lack of confidence; 3) could be hiding other things in his life.