Offline Dating 

Dating in today's world can be brutal and online dating has made it that much more confusing, frustrating and embarrassing over the years. Undefined etiquette around swiping, liking, winking, messaging, favoriting, ghosting etc. has muddied the waters of the dating world which has had a ripple effect onto the offline world as mobile phones and non-stop connectivity is seamlessly interwoven in our daily lives. 

Although my main focus is photography and online dating photos, I am the first to state that one cannot be successful with dating apps and sites without a good foundation of offline approach. Basic concepts of eye-contact, communication, courtesy, fashion attire, physical health, social activities are all offline aspects of one's personality and character that play a crucial role in online dating. As I tell all new clients new, flattering photos will do you no good if you ignore these aspects of your life. Understanding what colors favor your skin tone, selecting cuts of clothing that benefit your body-type, knowing what bars, restaurants and other date ideas are thoughtful, exciting and creative, learning how and when to communicate and reply and being comfortable talking to a random stranger at any given moment will strengthen your ability to attract people online and offline.

Most people that contact me for help with their online dating profiles usually come from a position where they have changed appearance, have recently become single, do not like posing for photos, are new to the area or are trying online dating for the first time. For those that are looking to understand facets of dating beyond photos, bios, profiles, apps/sites and online etiquette and presence, I offer one on one coaching customized to focus on any of the areas mentioned above. I am not a match-maker nor am I a pick-up artist. My goal is to improve the dating pool one person at a time and help individuals see themselves in a different, more flattering light. 

As one who has spent much of time working from cafes, wandering the streets of San Francisco, capturing unique events through photographs, bookmarking Eater SF articles, observing interactions among strangers and friends and making insightful and spot-on observations about people, places and events around me, I have developed a keen sense of how to overcome social awkwardness, shyness and indecisiveness so that you can meet more quality people. 


Some people have a hard time portraying themselves online in six photos and 300 characters; for those I offer an alternative solution in one on one coaching focused on social spontaneity, personal branding, discovering hobbies, exploring curiosities, knowing where to go in and around San Francisco, improving your wardrobe as well as developing a framework to being comfortable and confident in your own shoes.

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