San Francisco Bay Area native, grew up North of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. I attended the University of Southern California and miss the beaches, weather and friends of SoCal. I interned at Universal Music as well as MGM Studios' Photography department where I began my love of photography. 

I spent 8 years working for Loopnet in cross-functional roles spanning strategy, business operations and data analysis. As someone who spent everyday in Excel files and writing SQL queries I am familiar with the business side of data and love blending the analytical and creative sides of my brain whenever possible. Understanding funnels, optimizing conversion rates and being able to extract insights from incomplete data is something I love and something I use everyday of my life.

Having spent all my life in California I decided to try something new and ventured off to the Upper West Side in New York City for a few years where I took my first and only photography class where I quickly learned that I hated classes and preferred the candid moments, unique individual personalities and composing photos by taking what is given to me versus forcing things unnaturally. As a self-taught photographer, I hate the technical aspects of the camera, have a distaste for overly photoshopped images that could never be observed in person with the naked eye and loath the Pinterest-ization and Instagram-ification of photos. I am an old school guy when it comes to photography and have only followed two photographers - Brandon Stanton of The Humans of New York and the late great Bill Cunningham of the New York Times.

After much research, I noticed not only did people lack good, natural photos of themselves but also needed help with selecting the most appropriate dating apps, writing about themselves and being comfortable in their own skin. My experience capturing candid photos at large scale events like corporate holiday parties, festivals and fundraisers provided a natural segue to working with people in a more intimate setting. Additionally the ability to provide input on fashion and attire for photoshoots, communicate intimate customer experience of dating apps as well as practical offline advice on social places in around San Francisco brings many of my interests and passions together. 

Today, I seek out individuals who are camera-shy, self-conscious, have never tried online dating or who have had bad experiences with other photographers. While mostly focusing on professional business headshots and casual online dating photos, I also take on other types of opportunities on a case by case basis i.e. couples who don't want cheesy, staged and cliche engagement photos, travel photos for people visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and unique one-time events like San Francisco Pride Parade and Toronado 30th Anniversary Party. My knowledge of locations and backdrops is second to none.

​When not behind the camera, I am out stalking Jonathan Gold's recommended eats around Los Angeles, discovering the beautiful foliage around Sonoma County, sampling rare craft IPA beers from all over the world, scouring the internets for new podcasts, anxiously awaiting new episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, following my USC Trojans football team (Fight On!), secretly compiling my list of favorite places to work remotely around San Francisco, adding to my unhealthy addiction to dress socks and traveling to destinations near and far offering unique and distinct food, art, music, culture, architecture and people. I'm an avid salsa dancer (taught briefly in San Francisco years ago), received best dancer superlative in school and I am your guy for 90s Hip-Hop category during bar trivia. Check out my 5-star photography ratings on Yelp! You can also check out my Airbnb,LinkedIn and Instragram profiles to get a sense of who I am.  Contact me here.